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Two-component Silicone Sealant-8200

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Product Features
1, Two-component, neutral cure, high strength, high adhesion, high modulus, has a strong anti-displacement capacity and caking property.
2, The building materials without primer to achieve excellent bonding and sealing performance, And has good extensibility, water tightness and other functions.
3, The product cures to form a cold, heat, corrosion-free elastomer, has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance and high temperature performance, no environmental pollution.
4, With the company's other neutral silicone sealant products have good compatibility.


Main Application
Two sealed insulating glass.

Use restrictions
1,Not be used as a structural adhesive assembly.
2,Not be used for all the leaking oil, plasticizer or solvent surfaces.
3,Not suitable for enclosed spaces or in direct contact with food and drinking water to the surface.
4,The surface temperature of the substrate lower than 4 ℃ or over 40 ℃ not construction.
5,Does not apply to perennial of wet places.With sealant contact surface must be clean and dry.


Safety Tips
1, Sealing glue construction sites should pay particular attention to maintaining good ventilation.
2, Such as the eyes accidentally come into contact with uncured adhesives, should be cleaned with plenty of water and consult a doctor.
3, The user before using this product should be done first and compatibility and adhesion test contact materials, qualified to confirm the construction operations.
4, The company only if the products meet the quality requirements guarantee is given for the product during use due to any accident or loss caused by improper use will not be responsible.
A component:190L  B component:19L


Shelf life
Store in a dry place below 27 ℃, storage period of 12 months.
The product according to transport non-hazardous goods transport.


Technical specification

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